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The full carbon paddle comes with a clear-coated blade and the fiberglass paddle comes with a white blade as standard.

From this more symmetric drop shape paddle you will get the perfect catch. The paddle blade is slightly closed and made for paddlers who want their stroke closer to the kayak. This kind of stroke gives you as much forward power as possible. The excellent catch makes it possible for you to be more aggressive in the early part of the stroke, where you are strongest.

This paddle shape has been popular for a long time with both male and female paddlers from all paddle categories who like to have the smaller blade with superb catch that REY has.

Size: 103in2 / 642cm2.

The paddle comes with a ‘two part’ full 3K carbon oval shaft (29/31mm) with 15cm length and free angle adjustments. The small diameter oval shaft has been developed to give you better grip and better control. The paddle’s extra large range of adjustment means it is suitable for any type of kayak and any type of training.


Surface area:      

Blade length:       

Blade width:   

Weight carbon:  

Weight fiberglass:

103 in2 / 642 cm2

18,3" / 46,5 cm

5,9" / 15 cm

25 oz / 690 gr

27,9 oz / 770 gr 

For special features contact your local dealer.
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