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The full carbon paddle comes with a clear-coated blade and the fiberglass paddle comes with a white blade as standard.

The shafts comes as standard in clear coated carbon  or you can choose yellow, melon red, fluro pink or lime green. 

If you have any special colours that you like on your shaft  or blade, contact your local dealer.

The paddle comes with a ‘two part’ full 3K carbon oval shaft (29/31mm) with 15cm length and free angle adjustments. The small diameter oval shaft has been developed to give you better grip and better control. The paddle’s extra large range of adjustment means it is suitable for any type of kayak and any type of training.

A bent paddle shaft is also an option with 10cm length adjustment.

Greentip also offer a 4-piece shaft. This shaft has the same locking system and 15cm adjustment that all other Greentip paddles have. The 4-piece paddle comes in a bag and is perfect for pack rafting and other adventures.

Greentip paddles come in two different stiffness options. Both are quite flexible as shown. 

To minimise the risk of injury to your shoulders and wrists, choose the soft shaft. The soft shaft will also help you achieve a smoother catch. If you want to race, then the stiffer shaft is the one for you.

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