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T-Rey is a unique paddle in many ways.

It was made to be a wing paddle for touring paddlers, but the customer base has become much wider than that.


T-Rey is made with plastic blades and a full carbon shaft. Because of the combination of lightweight materials and small sized blades, T-Rey is extremely lightweight.

With a weight of only 590 grams it is unique on the market.


Because the small blade size it is suitable for all paddlers that prioritze a lightweight paddle to an affordable price over maximum acceleration.

From this drop shaped paddle you will get the perfect catch. The blade is slightly closed and made for paddlers who want their stroke close to the kayak. This kind of stroke gives you as much forward power as possible and makes it possible for you to be more aggressive in the early part of the stroke, where you are the strongest.


The paddle comes with a two part 3K carbon oval shaft (29/31mm) with the option to extend the length by 15cm. With T-Rey's high quality shaft ferrule it is possible to adjust the blade angle by a full 360 degrees. The small diameter oval shaft has been developed to give you better grip and better control. The paddle's extra large range of length adjustment means it is suitable for any type of kayak and any type of paddling.

For special features contact your local dealer.


Surface area:      

Blade length:       

Blade width:   

Weight :

79,8 in2 / 515 cm2

16,5" / 42 cm

5,3" / 13,5 cm

21,3 oz / 590 gr

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